La Lagunara farm

Who’s hiding behind the name La Lagunara?

Her name is Giorgia with a background of management Engineering and cooking (thanks to the Cordon Bleu’s courses).

Unable to find genuine and healthy ingredients she decided to leave Milan to go back to her family’s heritage. Her fields are in the area between Chioggia and Padua.

How big is La Lagunara?

They are only 30 hectares of happiness and authenticity.

How do you grow your fields?

We follow an integrated and conscious farming. Each step is meticulously evaluated and followed. Even from the seed, thanks to the latest technologies, we stock it completely without any chemical agents.

In each bite you take, you will taste the flavor of a conscious choice.

What do you grow?

We grow 2 different types of corn.

Their peculiarity? They are BLUE! So they are full of  antioxidant. (like blueberry)

Grano Antico Inallettabile , an ancient variety of wheat. Great for sweets, pasta and bread.

And a few different types of legumes.